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The benefits of the centuries-old practice we have come to know as Yoga are genuinely remarkable, which is precisely why it always keeps us coming back for more. A yoga class at Studio Ménage will arouse all of your senses in our naturally inspired Yoga-Room. 


Essential oils will invigorate your practice, while specialty mood lighting will promote relaxation. Whether you want an intense workout or a meditative sanctuary with plush cushions to sprawl out on, Studio Ménage has it all in one place ready for you to indulge. 

Restorative Yoga-Chill As F@ck

Need to center yourself? Need an hour to help you reconnect with your mind and body in a serene environment attuned to all of your senses? We got you!

Studio Ménage's Restorative yoga flow utilizes bolsters, blankets, and blocks to get you into passive poses with minimal effort to achieve maximum restoration.

Vinyasa Flow Sculpt

As many seasoned Yogis know, no Vinyasa flow is exactly alike, and that is what we love about it! Studio Ménage's Vinyasa flow is a challenging series of poses that will take your mind and body through an hour-long journey in our serene studio. 


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